Rody Thanks Floirendos for Real Estate Venture

Rody Thanks Floirendos for Real Estate Venture

August 15, 2015 Press Releases 0

Mayor Rody Duterte Thanks Floirendos for Real Estate Investment in Davao CityTHE booming real estate industry has greatly contributed to the economic development of Davao City, and Mayor
Rodrigo R. Duterte has expressed his gratitude to developers like the Floirendos for their contribution to this growth.
“They are investing and I’m happy for them,” Duterte said in an interview Thursday afternoon at the University of the
Philippines Mindanao in Tugnok, Mintal.
Duterte said he is glad with the new business venture of the Anflocor Group of Companies in real estate thru its real
property arm Damosa Land Inc. (DLI).

T h e Floirendo family’s recent investment in real estate,Duterte said, is an indication there is big market in the city.
“This means that the lives of the people are also improving because many people buy properties,” Duterte said.
Damosa Land Inc. recently opened its showroom and customer lounge for Seawind, the company’s first condominium
development set to rise on a 2.7-hectare lot in Barangay Sasa.The company is investing over P2 billion for Seawind, a
mixed-use development that is envisioned to become a complete community and to transform Sasa into a new growth area in Davao.

The project, aside from the residential, also boasts of a commercial component. The residential is composed of six buildings while the commercial complex is a two-storey structure. Duterte said aside from Davao residents, there are also
people outside of city who are buying property here. The real estate business provides jobs to people especially
on the skilled workers related to construction, according to the mayor.

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