Winner Best Township Development

Experience freshness in daily life with Agriya, a renowned township development by Damosa Land. Our premier community offers ample open spaces for you and your family to relish homegrown produce, enhancing the flavors on your dining table. With modern amenities and proximity to vibrant activity and farming zones, Agriya provides a tranquil escape connected to bustling city life through serene parks and lush gardens.

Ameria in Agriya blends rural culture with modern living through its California Mission Style Architecture, featuring open spaces, abundant natural light, and flexible doorways. The integration of indoor and outdoor areas, along with inside-outside gardens, fosters a stronger connection with nature and encourages backyard farming.


Welcome to Naturetainment, where a captivating blend of interactive farming, thrilling agri adventures, and awe-inspiring landscapes await. This immersive environment serves as a vibrant learning playground for visitors of all ages.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary agri experience that caters to all your desires for adventure, relaxation, education, and quality family time. This agri spot promises surprises at every turn as nature unveils its wonders!

Embarking on a journey through this facet of Agriya will provide you with a genuine understanding of agri life, awaken a unique sense of excitement, and inspire you and your children to embrace the challenge of nurturing and preserving our beloved Mother Nature.


Agriya is committed to supporting growth and paving the way for a bright future. This agritourism city is also home to a renowned professional school, the UP Professional School for Agriculture and the Environment (UP PSAE). The school offers various graduate programs, short courses, and training opportunities.


Agriya offers the perfect blend of serene natural surroundings and vibrant city life, where tranquil parks and vibrant gardens harmonize with the bustling Agriya Strip. This commercial arcade will host a diverse array of dining establishments and retail shops, catering to both tourists and local visitors, creating a lively destination for all.