Through the years, Damosa Land has been at the forefront of the real estate and property development industry in Mindanao. It has remained steadfast in developing innovative and quality projects while upholding its key value of being a part of Mindanao's growth and development.

The company, known as an innovator in the region, is among the first to introduce a mixed-use development, the first PEZA-accredited I.T. Park, the first and largest co-working facility, and now the first fully operational industrial park in the region, among others.


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Damosa Land takes pride in being the pioneer developer to introduce the concept of an agricultural metropolis, or agropolis, in the Philippines. Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of the region and the deep immersion of the ANFLO Group in Mindanao's agricultural industry, we have embarked on groundbreaking ventures to create a unique and innovative urban development that integrates agriculture with modern living.

• 2020 Best Residential Green Development
• 2020 Best Township Development

Winner Best Township Development


As a leading innovator in Mindanao, Damosa Land redefines design, construction, and urban planning by developing projects that prioritize livability, sustainability, and community building. Its mixed-use developments encourage work-life balance in a premium neighborhood that gives convenient access to commercial and recreational spaces.


• 2022 Highly Commended, Best Mixed-Use Development
• 2022 Highly Commended, Best Waterfront Condo Development


Damosa Land takes pride in being a locally-grown company that is part of a conglomerate with a longstanding presence in Mindanao for more than 50 years. This gives the company a unique advantage in understanding the local real estate landscape and enables them to introduce innovative concepts that showcase the region's inherent strengths, providing prospective residents with a genuine local perspective.

• 2022 Best Eco Friendly Housing Development
• 2020 Best Housing Development


• 2022 Highly Commended,
Best Waterfront Condo Development


• 2022 Highly Commended,
Best Mixed-Use Development


• 2017 Best Residential Development (Davao)


• 2017 Best Residential Development
• 2017 Best Residential Landscape Architecture Design



Leveraging its established presence in the agro-industrial sector, Damosa Land has expanded its business lines to include an agro-industrial park that offers comprehensive facilities and a strategic advantage of direct access to a world-class container terminal. This move aims to address supply chain gaps in the industry and provide a seamless solution for businesses operating in the agro-industrial sector.

Damosa Land Inc. - Best Industrial Development

• 2020 Best Industrial Development


Office and Commercial

Over time, Damosa Land has become the leading provider of office space solutions in Mindanao. We have diversified our inventory from conventional to flexible workspaces, and formed strategic partnerships with reputable brands to stay ahead of the dynamic demands of the competitive market.

Winner Best Office Development
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• 2020 Best Office Development
• 2019 Best Office Architectural Design



Driven by a forward-thinking approach, Damosa Land has embarked on a transformative journey, elevating its portfolio from conventional to flexible workspaces. Recognizing the evolving needs of the business landscape, the company has forged strategic alliances with renowned brands, propelling it to anticipate and fulfill the demands of the workforce.


Damosa Land boasts of its hospitality service that promotes the strengths of the region. With the aid of industry leaders as our partners, we have created an opportunity to offer a unique kind of experience for our guests, be it in the comforts and convenience of a business hotel or in the exciting and unforgettable activities that await in the outdoors.