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Damosa Land, Inc. (DLI), the property development arm of the ANFLO Group of Companies, has been at the forefront of development in Mindanao for several years. As the region's leading homegrown developer, Damosa Land is committed to uplifting the lives of the people in Mindanao. With a history that dates back to the 1940s, Damosa Land has established itself as the premier property developer in the region, offering innovative and top-quality projects such as Township Developments, Industrial Ecozones, Office and Commercial Spaces, and Residential and Mixed-Use Developments.

Damosa Land continues to evolve and pursue valuable innovations in the real estate industry. With an inspired, dynamic, and proactive organization, Damosa Land assures Mindanao of enhanced real estate experiences for the years to come.


1940s | Young Pioneer

“You will never get to the top if you don’t start from the bottom.”

On April 14, 1948, a young Don Antonio O. Floirendo Sr. ventured south to explore opportunities in Mindanao, after heeding President Quirino’s call. Due to his close ties with American officers and businessmen, Floirendo was encouraged to establish the first Ford dealership outside of Manila, which he named Davao Motor Sales or DAMOSA.


1950s-60s | Keen Foresight

With post-war Davao on the cusp of exceptional economic growth, DAMOSA flourished into the biggest Ford dealership in Mindanao. It was at this time that Floirendo, known for his keen foresight, began acquiring properties around the city.


1970s | New Heights

Don Antonio’s car company experienced fast growth, which led to the need for more space. Consequently, DAMOSA relocated from its original Bangkerohan site to Lanang, Davao City. Not one to rest, Don Antonio established additional businesses in different fields – which include agriculture and trading. As a result, the ANFLO Management and Investment Corporation, or ANFLOCOR, was founded in 1977.

1980s | The Times

“In a world where the weak are often left behind, I learned to be tough early in life. If I didn’t then I knew I wouldn’t be able to help all those who depend on me.”

Despite DAMOSA’s solid growth, Ford’s main assembly plant in the Philippines closed in 1984. Undeterred, Don Antonio took this as an opportunity to shift gears and turned his automotive dealership into a real estate development company.


1990s | A New Chapter

Damosa, now a development company, unveiled an ambitious site plan for their Lanang property, signaling the start of a new chapter. The result was “The Damosa District,” the city’s first master-planned, mixed-use development.


2000s | New Name, New Pace

The new millennium marked a shift in pace for what used to be Don Antonio’s car dealership: DAMOSA forged ahead with developments such as Damosa Gateway, Damosa Market Basket, Damosa Business Center, and the Damosa IT Park, enhancing the lives of people in Davao City. The company also ventured into tourism by partnering with US-based hotel chain Microtel by Wyndham. In 2004, DAMOSA underwent a corporate rebranding and officially adopted the name DAMOSA Land, Inc. With this new identity, the company was invigorated and propelled to move forward to achieve unprecedented success.


2010 | Trailblazers

As Damosa Land, we have been at the forefront of development in the southern part of the country, with numerous projects to our name. We have introduced commercial spaces mostly outside the existing urban centers to establish areas that will soon become landmarks where economic activities flourish. This has earned us the reputation of being prime movers in the industry.

In 2013, we leaped by breaking ground for our maiden residential project, Damosa Fairlane. This high-end subdivision project is located at the heart of the rapidly growing Lanang area. Fairlane’s success has inspired us to continue developing residential projects throughout the city, thus strengthening our position as a leading homegrown developer in the region.


2015 | The Future & Beyond

“Many of the younger workers in Tadeco are now children of those who were with me in the beginning. It’s good to see that they also believed in what we have started because in the end, all these are for them. And together, we can assure the future of our children and our children’s children.”

Our rich history is a tale of tradition, heritage, and excellence. We are not just movers and shakers but also trailblazers and innovators who constantly forge ahead. Our commitment to pioneering cutting-edge living has made us the leading real estate developer in Mindanao. Most importantly, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the people in Mindanao. Our story is one of passion, determination, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence in all that we do. We take pride in our role as a catalyst for positive change, and we will continue to push boundaries and set new standards in the industry.

2020 | Sustainability and Innovation

The changing times call for businesses to shift paradigms in the way we do things. In keeping true to our responsibility for the environment and the larger society, we have committed to developing eco-friendly communities that represent the future of real estate. We launched projects that introduced new concepts and set the standards for innovation, while meeting the requirements for sustainability. This paved the way for the region to witness the emergence of the country’s first agropolis (agricultural metropolis), which highlights the importance of farming and integrates this into several components of the township project, as well as the establishment of the first certified green office building in Mindanao.



In continuing the pioneering legacy of our founder, Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr., Damosa Land, Inc. shall solidify its position as Mindanao’s leading developer of real estate products and services designed to enhance the socio-economic development and uplift the quality of life in the region.


Rooting our success in God-given Land
We seek to enhance each project by incorporating our personal touch with each detail and customer experience while keeping the environment in the highest regard.
In recognition of human resource as our competitive tool
We shall ensure values formation with each employee while empowering them to attain their maximum potential in a supportive and nurturing working environment anchored on professional merit.
Our customers define the standard of quality and service
Their loyalty must be earned. Their best interest will always come first and we will place the client's concerns ahead of our own as we are dedicated to the development of long-term client relationships.
The communities that will support our operations and are our principal advocates
We will share our blessings with them through relevant activities based on the Corporate Social Responsibility of the company and by being good corporate citizens.
Respect to entrust capital
That allows us to pursue our objectives, we will strive to provide our stakeholders with returns beyond expectations.

Core Values

Love and Respect for God

Employee Career/Life Optimization

Environmental Responsibility

Professional Integrity and “Malasakit”

Maximum Satisfaction in all Customer Experience

Community Development

Continuous Product and Service Innovations and Improvement

Cost Optimization

Investment Return Commitment

Business Sustainability


At Damosa Land, we foster the growth of talented individuals by providing job opportunities that empower and contribute to the betterment of Davao's booming real estate industry. We're seeking passionate individuals who share our excitement in making a positive impact on the future generation. Join our team and let's work together to create a brighter future for our community! 

Are you ready to be part of us?

Meet the Team

Ricardo "Cary" F. Lagdameo


Real Estate and Construction Group

Cary Lagdameo is the President of the Real Estate and Construction Group of the Anflo Group of Companies. He is primarily responsible for the overall strategic direction for Damosa Land, Inc. (DLI), Anflo Industrial Estate, Anflo Construction Corporation, and Davao Boat and Leisure Club, Inc.

Under Cary’s leadership, DLI has launched several milestone projects in Davao such as its first agro-industrial estate, its first condominium project, the first flexible workspace solution in Davao, high rise office tower Damosa Diamond Tower, and other mixed-use projects, which includes Agriya, the first master-planned agri-tourism development in the Davao region.

Danilo A. Manlangit

Asst. Vice President

Residential Operations

Heads the residential operations from sales to property management with excellence, elevating homeowner satisfaction.

Virgmarie O. Bacalso

Asst. Vice President

Finance & Admin

Oversees strategic financial health and administrative efficiency, overseeing compliance for organizational success.

Lora V. Porras

Asst. Vice President

Commercial & Leasing

Ensures dynamic tenant acquisition strategies, maximizing lease performance and enhancing commercial tenant satisfaction.

Macy P. Bibat

Asst. Vice President

Township & Tourism

Stewards the township and tourism operations, orchestrating seamless integration and sustainable development for vibrant destinations.

Mitch Cadena

Asst. Manager

Customer Care and Asset Management

Promotes customer satisfaction and asset performance through effective relationship management.

Maureen P. Varquez

Sr. Manager

Sales Administration

Proactively manages client record-keeping and rigorous implementation of home buying.

Gintherese C. Santos


Turnover Team

Strategizes seamless house turnover experience and delivers unparalleled satisfaction to homeowners in every transition.

Hernani S. Benedicto, Jr.

Sr. Manager

Property Management

Diligently oversees all real estate properties' organization and optimal functionality, ensuring excellence in maintaining order and maximizing asset performance.

Cristopher O. Pagay


Commercial and Office Leasing

Facilitates successful partnerships and leasing transactions as a Commercial & Leasing Officer.

Honey A. Wong

Sr. Manager

Corporate Communications

Elevates corporate storytelling and steering strategic narratives, thus fostering impactful brand communication internally and externally.

Ian N. Castigador


Project Management

Spearheads the development of Bridgeport, ensuring seamless execution and success through strategic and effective project management.

Glorietta D. Navarro


Business Development

Driver of growth through innovative solutions, client relationship management, and market expansion.

Rannel F. Flores

Sr. Manager

Property Acquisition

Specializes in strategic planning and negotiations and is adept at identifying and securing high-value real estate opportunities to enhance and expand property portfolios.

Gladys Y. Guerra


Construction Management Group

Regulates and optimizes construction processes, ensuring efficient project execution, quality, and adherence to timelines.

Claire E. Ancheta

Sr. Manager


Governs financial excellence through strategic planning, risk management, and meticulous oversight of financial operations.

Rhoda L. Palma Gil

Sr. Manager

Corporate Admin & People Engagement

Plans seamless administrative functions and cultivates a vibrant corporate culture for enhanced employee satisfaction and organizational efficiency.

Janine P. Salanga



Trailblazes innovative campaigns and strategies to elevate brand presence, drive customer engagement, and achieve business growth.

Kristine G. Maambong

Asst. Manager

Township & Tourism Marketing

Leading Agriya's marketing endeavors through innovative campaigns, cultivating a compelling brand presence, and engaging customers.

Jeanie F. Molina

Sr. Manager


Orchestrates seamless and memorable event experiences, ensuring meticulous planning, execution, and client satisfaction for impactful and successful occasions.