Green living with Damosa Land

Green living with Damosa Land

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What used to be a business slogan is now a lifestyle mantra. To minimize the negative impact to the environment is truly more than just a statement; it fuels and equips the self to go beyond the mere concept of change and embrace it in its entirety. Truth be told, green living is more than just your intake – it too speaks forth of the result. Be it positive or negative.
Modern and technologically-inclined as we are, we still need to be educated and re-educated on the many implications of climate change. This is what Damosa Land Incorporated, Damosa Land for brevity, is about – premium quality living, strong attention to customer service and a future of ease and comfort.
“Damosa Land is a name you can trust,” Damosa Land Vice President Ricardo ‘Cary’ F. Lagdameo explains. As a premier developer in Davao City and Mindanao in general, the company aims to give the best to its clients. This means adapting the principles of green architecture or environmentally-friendly infrastructures and projects not just for maximum comfort, but most of all enhancing healthy living.
To state, Damosa Land has always been about agriculture and the environment. Incorporating a greener surrounding in its land projects is something that planners and pillars of the company take seriously.
Take Fairlane and Seawind, for instance. Despite the fact that their land development projects are located within the city, you’d feel like you are somewhere else – as you are able to enjoy the modernity of urban life and the serenity of rural life in one. How do they do it? Since then, Damosa Land has been known to embrace and apply green or sustainable architecture in their projects.
Not only do they allow for wide open spaces but more so, take the initiative to plant more trees all throughout their properties. More than just for aesthetic purposes, the practice also allows for natural clean air. Damosa Land has since taken steps in creating a reservoir-type basin that catches water that can be utilized anytime it is needed for the long haul. Every step undertaken revolves around what clients need now and in the years to come.
For Damosa Land, beneficial effects of adapting the principles of green architecture is not limited to the environment alone. It’s a relationship, a partnership even, wherein the future generation is able to enjoy and reap what this generation has planted. Thus, creating awareness and eventually, paying it forward.
True, the adaption and switch does not come cheap, but according to VP- DLI Cary Lagdameo, “If you think of the future and the long term effect it will have, it’s all worth it”. For Damosa Land, what they are after is for everyone to recognize growth and enjoy life to the fullest. The kind of life that you and I have always wanted.
If you look closely, Seawind’s buildings are designed to maximize the flow of sea breeze with the client reaping all the beneficial effects. The roofs are structured to allow for ventilation from all angles and corridors are created shorter than what we are normally accustomed to for natural light to seep in. Thus, pushing for less electric consumption.
“We’ve been very very busy, to say the least. Across all of our different projects, things are moving ahead all at different stages,” shares VP-DLI Cary Lagdameo. The demand for premium house and lot within the city center has dramatically increased over the years.
Damosa Fairlane has almost sold out its first two phases. According to Mr. Lagdameo, “We have already turned over almost 90 houses to homeowners and will be hitting the 100th house come June of this year.” They aim to open their third phase in the middle of this year.

ricardo lagdameo

VP- DLI Cary Lagdameo, “If you think of the future and the long term effect it will have, it’s all worth it”.

On the other hand, of Seawind’s six buildings, three has already been sold. The fourth building is almost 80 percent sold and their entrance complex has since been inaugurated last month. Turnover for the first tower is targeted in January of next year.
Damosa Land’s next project will be unveiled in the middle of this year. Located in Panabo City, it’s an 88- hectare property created like a CBD , short for Central Business District. A city within a city – fully equipped with residential, academic, tourism and commercial infrastructures that will greatly benefit everyone.
If you are looking for a home or is on the lookout for an investment property, VP-DLI Cary Lagdameo has this to say. “It’s not just about the cost. Yes, it’s about the cost but it’s beyond the cost. Go for companies that you trust and can give you comfort now and for the years to come.”
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Damosa Land is located at Damosa Complex, Lanang, Davao City
For queries and concerns, you may call them at (Residential) 082 234 2888 and (Commercial) 082 234 0539

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