Flexible Workspace vs. Traditional Offices: Which is Better for Your Business

Flexible Workspace vs. Traditional Offices: Which is Better for Your Business

As companies ease back to face-to-face office setting, many businesses evaluate their current workspaces. Hybrid models, shared flexible workspaces, work-from-home, and co-working set-ups – these ideas are slowly becoming a reality. 

While flexible workspaces are becoming part of the options, we can’t deny that traditional offices are unlikely to be replaceable. They represent the brand, people and serve as an evolutionary step in starting a business.

Today, let’s look at the difference between the traditional office and flexible workspace and evaluate what’s best for your business with Damosa Land.

Lease Terms

Traditional and flexible workspace has different leasing wavelengths.

The flexible workspace requires a minimum of 2 months lease, depending on the requirements, typically with a one-month advance payment. Meanwhile, renting a traditional office is a long-term commitment. It may require a minimum of 5 years contract with a 6 month payment in advance.

Both require a notice of leaving, although flexible workspace requires shorter notice with only 4 weeks. 

Operating Expenses

Various factors are contributing to the operating expense of a traditional office. This includes the leasing/ office rent, office design/ interior, office furniture, utilities (such as water, electricity, and internet connection), insurance, additional staff for maintenance, and others needed to operate efficiently day in and out. 

Meanwhile, flexible workspaces don’t need to deal with each of these because these expenses are already incorporated on the monthly rate, with the option to add extras.


A dependable, dedicated office can offer you a quiet area. Team members can have their own desks with ample spaces to focus on their work and prevent distractions. Depending on the number of employees, you can also build several meeting rooms to accommodate them simultaneously.

In some cases, flexible workspaces can have shared facilities, such as common areas, meeting rooms, or restrooms, especially if you are leasing a specific space only and not the entire floor of the building.

Space Utilization

Space is one of the essential components for a great employee experience. An ideal workspace allows them to freely move, concentrate, and effectively collaborate with the team.

Renting your own office space means you have complete control over the set-up of the room/ building. You can present your brand in full scale by deciding on the colors, furniture, workstation size, and overall design. 

Since a flexible workspace offers a ready-to-use area, customizing your office would be pretty limited. Nevertheless, flexible workspaces today adapt people-oriented solutions that make employees comfortable and productive. 


There are plenty of factors affecting the productivity of a team member. It can be the workplace temperature, air quality, hydration, proper tools and equipment, office layout and design, and training and education.

Some employees are more productive in a typical office set-up where they know their assigned desks everyday, while others are excited in a flexible workspace where they can be more creative, collaborative, and meet other people. 

Ready to Choose Between Traditional Office and Flexible Workspace?

While traditional and flexible workspaces have plenty of differences, both fit depending on the nature of your business, budget, headcount, and company culture. 

In general, you may choose a traditional office if you are eyeing long-term leasing and complete control over the office assets while choose a flexible workspace if you prefer short-term leasing. 

If you are looking for a traditional or flexible workspace in the south, Damosa is here to help. Damosa Diamond Tower is the first Green Certified Office building in the Davao Region that can cater to a wide spectrum of tenants from multinationals, BPO, and KPO firms. Select your preferred office type and make yourself comfortable with our ready to use office spaces at one of our Regus Centres in Mindanao. It’s a fully furnished workspace that helps you increase your productivity.

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