Damosa Land woos investors

FLOIRENDO-OWNED Damosa Land, Inc. (DLI) is looking to attract more investments in its agro-industrial hub Anflo Industrial Estate Corp. (AIEC), as foreign investors flock to Davao City.

“After seeing what industrial parks in the country comprises of, we saw an opportunity to leverage our mother company Anflocor’s [Anflo Management and Investment Corp.] strength in agriculture and endeavor take on the role as the industry’s innovator,” DLI Vice President Ricardo F. Lagdameo said in a statement. DLI is the property development arm of Anflocor.

AIEC is a 63-hectare industrial Special Economic Zone in Panabo City, Davao del Norte — between Davao City and Tagum City. It is 300 meters away from the Davao International Container Terminal.

Among the companies that have located in AIEC are Del Monte Philippines, Inc. and First Panabo Tropical Foods of Sagrex. Japan-based paper packaging manufacturer Packwell Inc. and electronic-tobacco manufacturer IQOS will be putting up their facilities in the area.

AIEC also partnered with Manly Plastics Inc. to occupy a 1.1-hectare land. Manly is a plastic manufacturer that counts Datu Puti, Gatorade, Boysen, Toyota, and Nissan as clients.

“With Davao as a prime spot for trade and agriculture, we have foreseen that building facilities such as ecozones, industrial estates and ready-built warehouses would also attract companies to come in quicker and more efficiently,” Mr. Lagdameo said.

It is also expecting more international investors, more specifically from its current locators from Japan, China, the US, and the Netherlands.

The company noted that its investors generate about 6,000 job opportunities in the city. It also noted that Davao region in total attracted a total of P17.2 billion investments in 2018. Government data showed that total approved foreign investments in the region for the first semester of the year grew 183% to P1.079 billion.

Article Published On: BusinessWorld

Article Link: https://www.bworldonline.com/damosa-land-woos-investors/?fbclid=IwAR27ff8tIsd6HRosxGk8iqE2Jidf1lnSr_m-uUXzf51_yDiw4Ky3frGpivQ


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