Damosa Land Inc goes to Summerfrolic

Damosa Land Inc goes to Summerfrolic

April 28, 2016 Press Releases 0

By Manelle Joy T. Kadusale

With the blistering heat and humid air, summer season is out on the grove. Left and right, people are either going to beaches and resorts or chilling at home with fans and aircons in full blast.

However, a fun way to cool down was out on the road last April 8-10, 2016as people flocked the shores of Mati, Davao Oriental for the MatiSummerfrolic, an annual summer escapade – a rave party to stash up the summer season. Of course, with this mega event come different sponsors from companies across the nation.

damosa summer frolic

Party Time – Damosa Land Inc. invades Mati for the annual MatiSummerfrolic

This year, one of the sponsors was Damosa Land Inc. (DLI), the real estate and property development company of the Anflo Management and Investment Corporation (ANFLOCOR).

Along with the success of the launch of its first condominium project, Seawind by Damosa Land, the company is continuing to grow into new ventures as it spreads its influence in major events such as this one, targeting the young and vibrant market. DLI continues to flourish and show its versatility and capability, of course, with its vice-president, Cary F. Lagdameo, at the helm.

“We are looking to engage more in the Mindanao market. And, seeing its growing demand for exclusive residential places, we are looking to further expand and embark on other fields to fulfill that,” he said.

damosa sales team at mati

Damosa Land Inc. Sales Team poses at the booth during MatiSummerfrolic.

The company has recently sold outSeawind’sTowers 1,2 & 3while Tower 4 is enjoying brisk sales. With the launching of Tower 5 on the way, the company looks to expand its hold on the Mindanao market and eventually pursue the international market through aggressive online sales.

To know more about Maverick and other units available at DamosaFairlane, you may visit the Damosa Land lounge and showroom at Damosa Complex. You may reach DLI’s Property Specialists at 234-2888 or you can visit their website at www.damosaland.com.

Damosa Land is ANFLOCOR’s investment vehicle in property development and the one responsible for the establishment of Damosa District and the high-end residential community, DamosaFairlane.

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