Damosa Land has long been successful in the real estate and property development industry in Mindanao. It has remained steadfast in developing innovative and quality projects for the Anflo group of companies, while upholding its key value of being part of Mindanao’s growth and development.

DamosaLand In Its Early Years

DLI, formerly known as Davao Motor Sales Company or DAMOSA, started as a the lone, premier dealer of Ford motor vehicles and parts in the 1940’s. It halted its distribution of Ford vehicles concurrent with the ceasing of Ford operations in the Philippines back in the 1980’s. This event paved the way for a change in the business thrust of DAMOSA from being an automotive dealership to focusing on property development and leasing of real estate properties.

With the shift in the business line, the management decided to change the name of the company from Damosa to Damosa Land, Inc. in 2004.