Company is setting up an `iconic’ office tower

Company is setting up an `iconic’ office tower

December 12, 2018 Commercial, Company Updates 0
The Damosa Land Inc., the homegrown property arm of the Floirendo group, is setting up a building that it hopes will become an icon in the city.
Last weekend during the groundbreaking ceremony for its Diamond Tower, company vice president Ricardo F. Lagdameo said that the structure, which will form part of its Damosa Information Technology Park, will depict the history both of the city and the family.
Lagdameo explained that when the company representatives were discussing with the architects on the details of the building, the challenge to the latter was how would they “encapsulate the history of the city and the company.”
What was agreed upon by the two parties, he said, is to depict agriculture in its design by showcasing the banana fibers in its aesthetics. The building will be beside the five-store Topaz Tower of the park, the first Philippine Economic Zone Authority-accredited park in the city.
He said the company decided to come up with an idea of making an iconic tower as part of its help in promoting the city to both the tourists and the investors. “Major cities (in the world) are characterized by iconic structures,” Lagdameo said, citing examples like the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.
The late company founder, Don Antonio O. Floirendo, was among the first entrepreneurs to venture into banana growing for exports in the 1960s that even until today, its Tagum Agricultural Development Corp.
Aside from his agricultural company, the late company founder was also known as being among the first dealers of Ford vehicles through the Davao Motor Sales, the acronym for Damosa. The vehicle dealership was eventually abandoned as the family concentrated on running the banana farms but decided to retain the name Damosa to make its vehicle for its property development.
Lagdameo, grandson of the company founder, said that when the building is completed, expected to be in the first quarter of 2020, “tenants will have a piece of history of the city.” He is the son of the company chair, Linda F. Lagdameo.
He said what the company wanted to achieve in pushing for the project is “something of a milestone” in its history as a major contributor to the economy of the city.
He said the building, which will have a 1,600-square meter floor area in every floor, will also help the “ever-changing skyline” of the city as it will stand 15 floors tall with two floors devoted to parking.
To augment the parking spaces for both the company clients and the clients of the locators, the company is also building a three-floor carkpark that can accommodate about 300 vehicles.

Ricardo F. Lagdameo (left), Damosa Land Inc. vice president, briefs the attendees of the groundbreaking ceremony for the company’s Diamond Tower about the building’s features as the company wants to make it an icon in the city.


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