Bringing family biz to greater heights

Bringing family biz to greater heights

January 23, 2016 Company Updates 0

Ricardo Lagdameo

WHILE many avoid failures, this young and rising businessman welcomes it as he continues to bring a family-run corporation to greater heights.

“I believe that failure has led me to strive harder in my future endeavors. I’ve learned never to fear failure but to bounce back and come back stronger,” said Ricardo Lagdameo, the 38-year-old vice president of Damosa Land Inc., a subsidiary of homegrown conglomerate, the Floirendo-owned Anflo Group of Companies.

Cary, as he is fondly called by many, is part of the prominent clan who controls the Philippines’ biggest banana-exporting business empire and a prime real estate holding where he is more involved in.

Although he was born with a silver spoon, his parents made sure that he would also have his share of hardwork as they believe that a firsthand experience would be the best teacher in forming successful people.
From a very young age, he was already exposed to the business. Always, his parents would make him acknowledge the importance of it and how to do it the right way.

“I had summer jobs ever since I was 16. This really prepared me for the future. The best part about it was that I enjoyed most jobs I had,” Cary said.

He recounted having an internship at a luxury real estate company the whole of his summer. Another was when he spent two summer breaks at a stock brokerage where he claimed to have his first real experience on corporations and how they work.

After earning his undergraduate degree from the Ateneo de Manila University, he furthered his academic path when he earned an MBA from Columbia Business School, a prestigious school in New York, USA.

Between these, his parents have been very supportive, especially on cheering him to excel. But he cleared that he was never pressured to be an A student, instead, he was encouraged the best way that his parents can.

“Getting good grades and working hard was my way of giving back but the most important is that they taught us how to bounce back if we failed. We learned that one will not always succeed in everything. How a person deals with adversity and challenges is, even more, critical than getting the A’s,” Cary explained.

He also spent 15 years outside of the family business to rise up the corporate ladder and achieve success without biases. Of which are his first job out of college with a European Bank. After taking his MBA, he went on to investment banking.

Today, he finds himself busy with the on-going residential subdivision project, Damosa Fairlane, condominium project, Seawind, Anflo Industrial Estate, and mixed-use development, the Anflo City.

But quoting Cary once again, he is still “hungry” for more as he still has a lot of goals to pursue and check off from his bucket list yet.
“My grandfather is my peg. The way I see it, I’ve only achieved, probably 10% of what he has done during his career,” Cary added, referring to Anflo Group founder Don Antonio Floirendo.

And just like his grandfather, who was among the greatest business tycoon the country has seen, he continues to look forward to helping their company expand and grow to new heights.




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