Damosa Land Seawind A complete community

Damosa Land Seawind A complete community

August 15, 2015 Press Releases 0
Damosa Land - VP Cary LagdameoDamosa Land’s Seawind: A complete community

WHEN Damosa Land Inc. (DLI) decided to venture into condominium development in Seawind, the company is not only  building your ordinary residential project. It is putting up a complete community. For Seawind is a mixed use development to rise on a 2.7-hectare lot in Barangay Sasa that is envisioned to become a complete community since, aside from residential, it also boasts of a commercial component that will give homeowners access to establishments for their daily

“It’s very conducive for families. We’re putting up a brand new commercial strip in front of the development,” says DLI vice president-residential Ricardo “Cary” Floirendo Lagdameo said during the blessing of the Seawind’s customer lounge
and showroom at the Damosa Market Basket very recently.

Just in front of the six-building residential area is the two-storey commercial complex of Seawind. Aside from this, there will also be open space and a swimming pool. Other amenities include a basketball court, clubhouse and parking spaces as the developer promised to come up with a spacious development in the area, complete also with ponds for the homeowners to spend their leisure time. Only 27 percent of the total 2.7 area will be developed for residential area.
DLI is investing over P2billion for Seawind, the firm’s first condominium project after the success of the 7-7-hectare Damosa Fairlane.

Lagdameo said construction of the project will go full swing as soon as they acquire the building permits.

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